Featured Project: How to Install a Whole House Water Filter

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How to Replace a Shower Head

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How to Replace a Toilet

Has your toilet seen better days? Is it wasting water with every flush? Replacing your old, worn out, out-dated toilet with a new one is easier than you think. In this video we’ll give you the basics of removing and re-setting your toilet.

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How to Replace a Kitchen Faucet

Change the look of your sink while saving some money, learn how to replace a faucet yourself.


How to Replace Your Kitchen Sink

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How to Replace Your Garbage Disposal

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How to Unclog a Toilet

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How to Unclog a Sink

If your sink drain gets backed up, you probably reach for the liquid drain cleaner to solve the problem. But if that doesn’t work, what do you do?...


How to Replace a Toilet Fill Valve

If you have an older toilet, a faulty fill valve can cause it to leak, wasting water and money. Generally, your best bet is to replace it. It won’t take much time, and in this video, we’ll show you how to do it yourself. You may be interested in our "How to Replace a Toilet" video.