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Featured Project: Portable Power Sanding Workshop

There will come a time when the project calls for sanding a surface to make it smooth. While there are plenty of hand sanding products you can... More »


Garage Storage and Organization

If your garage has become a collection point for all the junk that you don’t know what you do with, watch this video on how to make it one of the...


How to Drill Holes

Drilling holes in various materials is something you probably haven’t given a whole lot of thought to during your do-it-yourself career. But...


Garage Floor Epoxy Finish (Part 2)

Now that you’ve prepped the floor, patched the holes and filled the cracks, it’s time to add that epoxy finish. In part two of this two-part...


Garage Floor Options - Epoxy Finish (Part 1)

Garage floors can take a beating, but an epoxy finish to your garage floor will help transform the space from dark and dingy into colorful and cool....


Make Your Own DIY Toolkit

One of the most common questions asked by beginning do-it-yourselfers and first-time homeowners is, “What tools do I need to get started?” In...


How-To: Basic Wood Joinery

Ever wonder how wood is joined together to make things like picture frames and table tops? While we’ll leave the more sophisticated methods to...